Import Audio With No Changes...

I’m dragging files from the media bay into Cubase Pro. When the audio shows in the arrangement view, it’s squished into one bar. I have to double-click the audio to open it in the editor, and uncheck the lighted music note at the top. The audio appears as more bars, but I then have to drag the end of the audio out to reveal the full clip.

I want to drag the audio into Cubase unchanged. Is there a setting I’m missing?


There is a Misical Mode set on this Audio event. If this is enabled, the audio loop always matches to the tempo. Switch the Musical Mode to the Linear Mode in the Info View (after selecting the audio event) or in the Pool.

I think you need to try selecting/deselecting Align Beat to Project in the MediaBay Previewer window.

I thought Align Beat to Project just affected the preview tempo of the loop in MediaBay, but it also affects whether the imported loop follows the project tempo.

The button is above “to” of Align Beat to Project in the screen picture:
Align Beats to Project.png
***** Martin posted his reply while I was typing mine. I didn’t know about the Follow Tempo in the Attributes Inspector of MediaBay.

Thank you! Utilizing both approaches, it now works the way I want it to.

Glad you got it working.

I’m a newb to Cubase, and it’s taken me a little bit to get to grips with everything, but really enjoying the program so far.