Import Clavinova CLP-130 sequences of sysex bulk data into Cubase tracks?


I like using the internal sequencer of my Yamaha CLP-130 as a sketchbook. I would like to then transfer the sequences to Cubase.

It does not seem to be possible to simply play the sequences and record in Cubase. When I play the keyboard, Cubase records the events, but when I start a sequence, the Clavinova does not seem to output via midi out.

Instead, it is possible to initiate a dump of all the sequence data via sysex. This is fine I guess if my purpose was to backup and restore the sequences from/to the Clavinova, but what I want is the midi note data in a Cubase track.

I know this is far-fetched, but is it possible to somehow import the data? I guess, a special plugin that understands the CLP-130 dumps would be required. Or does such data follow a standard (like the Yamaha XF Format I googled) which would make it possible to import anyway?

Thanks for any hints on this!


I can’t imagine, why would Yamaha do something complicated like this. Why they would store the MIDI Song as SysEx data. Therefore I believe, if you record the SysEx data, you will not be able to play it back and get the same. In and case, there is no way to translate “SysEx data” to the MIDI Notes.

Anyway, to be able to capture/record SysEx to Cubase, disable the SysEx filter in the Preferences > MIDI > MIDI Filter.

Thank you. Yes, I am able to record and list the SysEx data from the Clavinova in Cubase. Just can’t interpret it. Yamaha mentions the MIDI Data Filer MDF3 in the Clavinova manual. I guess it would allow to store and output the data. Maybe, just for the fun of it, I try getting one on Ebay. Probably hard to get, since it is a 90ies device.


How exactly is it mentioned? In which context, please?

It’s this!


According to the manual

song data and recorder playback data are not transmitted via MIDI

@timvdh if you get this working you will become my old-school-gear hero.

Good find, Steve. 3,5" discs - ouch. It would be absolutely useless to get this gear, I guess. I need one!

The CLP-130 manual mentions the MDF3 multiple times, pushes it really. Example:

Panel/Status Transmit
This function causes all the current CLP-130/120 panel
settings (selected voice, etc.) to be transmitted via the
MIDI OUT terminal. This is particularly useful if you
will be recording performances to a MIDI sequence
recorder, such as the Yamaha MIDI Data Filer MDF3,
which will be used to control the CLP-130/120 on playback.


This doesn’t mean the MDF3 can read the Clavinova SysEx file at all. This means, the MDF3 recorder can wait for the Playback/Record start coming from Clavinova (in my understanding).

Are you sure there is no settings Clavinova would send the data from the sequence to the MIDI Out? Even then you would need to sync it with Cubase (or you would need to use the Tempo Detection in Cubase), but it’s the first step to get the data out.

Hi @Martin.Jirsak

According to the manual (p. 45)


Thank you @steve for the clarification. Then without further context, I don’t know what does the quote from the previous post mean. Sorry.

If you’re referring to

I presume that invokes a file dump of this special format, which is only useful for sending back to the CLP keyboard later. Welcome to 1997!

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