Import Cubase project not possible?

Just bought and trying out VST Live.
Even though through this forum I was able to verify before buying that tempo track and signature track are not available but should be later (essential functionality for my music). So let’s be a early adopter tester then, I can have that mindset.

So, want to try out importing Cubase projects as it’s mentioned in manual
" Media (Cubase) Projects
Media (Cubase) Projects contain the tracks of a Song.

  • To import a Media (Cubase) Project, select File > Import Media Project."

But the dialog doesn’t allow opening any Cubase projects:
Näyttökuva 2022-8-12 kello 20.59.32

What gives?

Cubase projects are latest C12 and running macOS Catalina.

Hi there! You need to save the file in Cubase as a media project first. It doesn’t really work at the moment (for me anyway) but a fix has been promised.

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