Import cue flac files wavelab 11.1

I get following message : cue sheet error at line 7

at line 7 I have this :
FILE “V.A.-.[RCA.LIVING.STEREO.60CDs.02.Munch.-.A.Hi-fi.Spectacular!].ר¼­.(FLAC).flac” WAVE

pls help

Many thanks!

Please show a screen shot.

The problem is that I am really new of Wavelab.
Pls can you help me telling me step by step how to spli a flac file and then
save all the tracks.
I have a cue and a flac files.
Thanks a lot.

Where do you get that .cue file from? The only .cue file WaveLab can import is an old text format that is practically unused today. If this is not this format, then WaveLab can’t use it.

I got it from bittorrent with a flac file. If I use medieval cue splitter it works fine but
I wanted to split it with wavelab too.
Want you have a look to this cue file, pls?

Ok, add it as a downloadable link.

I don’t know how to send a link without your email. Pls can you give me an email?


no items match your search ( when I click on that ) previously I copied my cue file in the desktop.

Zip your cue file, and upload your zip file.

My guess is, that their CUE file looks like this (some examples can be found a bit down on the page):
CUE Sheet
As far as I can tell after a quick look into the operation manual of Wavelab, WL uses different tags for definition (Wavelab Manual CUE Sheet).

WaveLab supports this via the Import command. This is an “input cue file”.

This is a different cue file format, an old one that is exclusive to WaveLab, to print a CD report.
This is an “output cue file”.

I see. Thanks for the info, good to know.

V.A.-.[RCA.LIVING.STEREO.60CDs.01.Various.Artists.-.Living.Stereo.Sampler].zip (1.5 KB)

This cue file references a FLAC file called:

FILE V.A.-.[RCA.LIVING.STEREO.60CDs.01.Various.Artists.-.Living.Stereo.Sampler].flac

WaveLab only supports genuine WAV files in c.ue file.
Therefore a solution could be:

  1. convert the FLAC file to wav
  2. replace the FLAC reference to was in the cue file.