Import custom marker track / (new) note track

I was wondering if anyone ever uses the marker track for notes that are from themselves or comments from clients.

For example:

I am writing a score on a film and the client responds with a few requests on timecodes he gives me:

00:00:20 make this brass louder

00:01:02 can this section play a little faster

00:02:12 fade this out earlier


From what I could find during my research on custom marker track import was that it’s not easy except you’re really good with XML, which I am not. And I just don’t want to spend my time coding/importing/exporting in different apps just so I can have my notes at the position in my timeline where I need them.

Right now, I am simply copy/pasting notes into an external notes/todo app, which does the job but it could be a lot more effective.

What about cubase could recognize the timecodes in a text file or a pasted snippet and automatically convert them into custom markers on the track for me? I could see the notes at the timecode where needed and start working on it immediately.

Does this sound to much like stuffing up the turkey? :wink:

Happy to know your thoughts!