Import Dialog missing features

Not sure if this is a bug or feature, but the C10 import dialog on Mac no longer has the ability to adjust volume or skip through audio files before importing.

The only options we have now is a “play” button and an “autoplay” checkbox.

This was a very very useful feature and it’s removal is enough for me to stick with C9.5 as my workflow involves importing a lot of audio and being able to preview it first is a huge time saver.

Please “fix” or bring back this feature! Having the ability to audition audio before import is a no-brainer surely?


Sorry, can I just ask you, why you don’t use MediaBay for the file browsing?

I have a repository of tens of thousands of audio files that I recycle during projects, and I also generate new ones on a daily basis that go into that pool.
These are scattered over various drives and sometimes arrive on drives that aren’t permanently part of my system.

In my experience finder has always been more robust than media bay at handling such a large amount of files - and more convenient than having to always add or remove folders from media bay and then scan them.

If the change to the import dialog is permanent I guess I’ll just have to live with it :cry:
I really hope it gets fixed though.

Hi was just discussing this in another thread, to your question Martin:

In my case because the import audio “browser box” is using the windows explorer file management (like the Open Project window). With hundreds of folders wether it be for, recordings, samples, stems etc…, i need to be able quickly browse through folders and files using “Date modified” , “Date created” or “Name” or more generally navigate through my drives, folders and files like I do on Windows. I love to double click :smiley:
Also the Import Audio box is scalable.
I’ve tried the mediabay, rightzone file browser, sound browser, and it doesn’t work for me as in speed and ease to get around.

I’ve been looking at 3rd party audio file previewer/mangment type programs, but all use a similar file navigation system.

So please Steinberg, bring back the volume and and scroll! Going through 20 min recordings or stems in the import audio box is painful :slight_smile:),

I second that. Haven’t thought before how important this feature was and now I’m missing it a lot.

So, +1 from me for the old dialog box.

It is so much easier in explorer with import audio box, plus I have key command for import which is muscle memory at this point ;o)
Another thing which I will make a separate thread for is that drag and drop from that import box crashes C10 on Win 7 and Win10 even with preferences disabled.