Import / Export Midi File

Hello Guys

I work a lot with midi files. Unfortunately, I encountered many problems during export/import in Cubase 9 pro.
Maybe you know some solutions?

IMPORT Midi Files to Cubase:
My active Import Options :

  • Extract First Patch
  • Extract First Volume/Pan
  • Import Markers

1 problem:
Cubase does not place voices in Program Selector. I can see “Off”
2 problem :
After import midi files the Mixer Console takes Vol/Pan data from midi tracks ( Extract First Vol/Pan option). Ok, but:
In sysex track of song I have events: GM System On and XG system On. That cause RESET of the tracks ! After PLAY I see again volume=100 and pan=64 in my extarnal module. Of course I can do MUTE for sysex, but there are other important events, like DSP.
Is possible example: reload all inspectors sets ?

EXPORT Midi Files from Cubase:
My active Options:

  • Export Inspector Patch
  • Export Inpsector Volume/Pan
  • Export Markers

1 problem:
Midi Controllers cc#7 and cc#10 the Cubase places on the TOP in midi events. Time: 000:000:000:000. This is a important mistake, because: chronologically external instrument first is loading Vol and Pan cc7 and cc10, second step:is loading GM System On, XG System On. Again: it’s a RESET for all tracks. Midi Song in my instrument has all tracks with volume=100, Pan=64.
2 problem:
I use Panel Device. I have EQ settings there for each track. Unfortunately, cubase has grown up and does not want to export these sysex events. I will repeat that I have active Export Inspector Patch.

Please help, Sorry if that was already on this forum. I was looking for any information I did not find.
I noticed that many people have a problem with this.

Best regards,

Thank you, Steinberg !