Import/Export Pool Doesn't Absolutely Nothing

First, Media->Import Pool and Media->Export Pool are grayed out for some reason all the time for me. I think I had one time when it wasn’t grayed out, but I have no idea what caused it to not be grayed out. The only way I can import/export pools is in the pool window. So when I go to export pool, it generates the npl file. Then I when I open a new project and try to import that pool, nothing happens. Literally nothing happens. I’ve read the manual and it doesn’t seem to offer any explanation for this or any further details. I also haven’t found any videos or forum post about this.

I’ve recorded a video that shows me trying to export a pool and import that pool in a new project, and it does nothing:

Did you ever find a resolution to this? I’m experiencing the same situation w. Cubase 10 on my Mac.

FYI… It is always a good idea to list your computer and hardware specs when posting (add the info to your forum signature). The answer I gave in the link provided works on a PC.

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