Import external audiofiles to pool

Hi everyone,

atm, i’m working on a bigger album project, and files are often imported or exported to a new project for easier editing. However, it seems that some of my buddys forgot to import the files to the pool, so these files are marked as external files in the pool. This is a problem if you try to shrink different projects to one, because those file went missing if you delete the old project.

I’ve read the part of the manual which describes the poolfunctions, but there is no possibility to import external files to the audio folder of the current project directly in the pool.

Did i miss something? Or is there another way to copy those external files to the audio folder of the project?

Cheeres, Tomess


In the Pool window, click to Import button, and import WAV file.

I believe Prepare Archive will do what you want.

There is a dialog when Cubase loads to find missing audio. Once you have pointed to the correct audio then use Prepare Archive, which is Right-click on the files from the Pool (ctrl-P)