Import file

Hi guys. I have such a problem. Cubase 9.5 pro on mac os. Import audio file opens, the player does not open there to listen to the loop what to do help?


If you have Control Room enabled, all Previews are routed over the Monitor 1 bus. Please, setup the Bus.

If the Control Room is not enabled, all Previews are routed over the Main Mix, which you can choose in the Audio Connections > Outputs, by right-clicking to the Bus.

You did not understand me. I want to import an audio file, click import audio file. The window opens. There is no player in this window.

I have a video but where can I send


I see, the whole player is missing in the window… Are you on Mac or Windows?

Mac os mojave 10.14.6


Click the Options button in the Import Audio dialog. The Player appears.

please help me. I can’t work.:pray:

i pressed parameters but, without action


What kind of parameters do you mean?

To show the player in the File > Import > Audio File dialog, click the Options button down in that dialog.

Сначала нажал импортировать аудиофайл, потом открывается диалоговое окно, там появилась функция “Параметры” (раньше ее не было) нажал на нее, без действий

First, I pressed the import audio file, then a dialog box opens, the “Parameters” function appeared there (it was not there before) clicked on it, without action


I’m sorry, there is no Parameters button in the dialog. See attached screenshot, what happens, if you click the Options button (marked on the screenshot), please.

can i replace this window document? Can you send a Cubase 11 document? When I clicked this option, there was no change on the computer. I think this is a problem with the system


Sorry, I don’t know, what do you mean by “window document”. My screenshot comes from Cubase 11, macOS 10.15.