Import files by adding some letters in the title.

Hello guys. I am using a translator. I hope you understand me.
I live in Brazil.
I use Cubase 7.0.0 (Windows 10).
Is there a way to import multiple audio files into Cubase by adding letters or numbers at the beginning of the title of all these files?
Example: I have 50 audio files with various names (kick, snare, lead voice, etc). And when I import it into Cubase, these files will stay in the “pool” in alphabetical order, correct? Since there are already several files inside the pool, it is difficult to find these new files that have been imported.
Do you understand?

Hi and welcome,

You can import the Audio files directly to the project from the Import > Audio menu, if you call this from the Project window. Or by drag-and-drop the file to the project window directly.

I would strongly recommend you to update to Cubase 7.0.7 in any case.

In the pool, there is a number to the right of the filename showing how many times it is in the project. So your new imported audio files won’t have a number against them if you import into the pool as opposed to drag and drop in your project window.
It may help

Good idea. You can probably even sort the Pool list by the count column. So you will get the 0 used files on top.