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The audio files Íve imported from my ipad 7th generation to my cubasis 3 make my program restart and swich off each time I try to work with them in a new proyect. could you tell me how may i fix that as soon as possible please?

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If I may make some suggestions, open a new Cubasis project, if your audio files are stored in the Files folder, try importing just one audio track at a time and see what happens, if that works import another until you encounter the original problem.
The other way to test for rogue audio files is to go into Media/Projects and single tap on the problematic project and select Duplicate, tick box to Open Duplicated Project. Now start deleting your audio tracks one at a time until the problem stops, but to be honest there should be no reason why you are having these issues, Cubasis supports many audio file types, did your audio files originate in a different DAW?
Try my suggestions and see if you can discover the problem, otherwise if you have the File Share app, try converting the file type and re-import the new files into a fresh project, a process of elimination could solve it.
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Hi how’s it going!

I’d tryed all the tips you gave to me but, until now any of them worked.

Maybe the problem could be the format of the audios which are in mp3 or maybe it could be that the audio files were downloaded form youtube.

I’m wanting to make a mixed track with these audios

If you could give me another advice i will appreciate!, or if you know someone else who could know about this case just let them know!


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Mp3 (even tho supported as import but not as export) could be iffy… converting your mp3’s to wav might give you a better result… when you import mp3 cubasis is going to convert them to wav anyways. Seeing that there are different mp3 codecs it might could be that they be problematic.

Its way easier to convert your mp3’s to wave outside of cubasis and then import them as wav directly.

Now it worked!, thanx so much for the support!

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Great news, Just out of interest, do you know what caused the issues?

No, I realy don’t know yet. By now, it looks like the only problem was the format of the audio file, also, i am quite new at this and makin a quick coures on my own… what i can say is that i am using ipad pro 7th generation and i’ve tried to import the audios many times in mp3 format direct from a pen drive and from de device, also tried to exporte tehm from audio share app to cubasis 3 wih any results, and once I dragged the file to use it in a new project, cubasis directly shut down and closed

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