Import from project - no tempo track

When I import from an existing project, I don’t see the tempo track as an option to select.

Is this a bug, or am I missing something?

I think you have to export the tempo track from existing project then import it to the new project

File/Import/Tempo Track

If you are not seeing TEMPO TRACK IMPORT then that is odd.

I agree, hence the question.

I can see, for instance, the Marker track. But there’s no checkbox or listing for Tempo track.

Am I supposed to see the tempo track along with all the other tracks when I use Import from Project? Or is just not available on import (whether by design or bug)?

Trying to determine if there’s something I’m doing wrong or if others have the same experience.

Clearly evident from the manual:

  • Audio, instrument, MIDI, sampler, VCA, group, effect, and folder tracks

  • Marker tracks

  • Chord tracks

  • Video tracks

Can be imported via the track import function.

And the tempo track can still be imported via “import tempo track”, I suppose.

So no, you are not missing something, there is nothing you are doing wrong, yes, others have the same experience, and no, it is not a bug.

What Im saying is TEMPO TRACK import is not in the project import options section, it is separate at the bottom of the list for FIle Import. Tempo track is NOT in the Project import section here either

Now I see what you mean.

Apparently you go to the source project, export the tempo track, then go to the target project, select import tempo track and select that file. Seems pretty clumsy but if I recall correctly that’s how import used to work for most stuff, which makes me appreciate the new import dialog that much more.

I don’t know why they didn’t include tempo in the normal import dialog - midi tracks are there. Perhaps it was just an oversight, or they figured no point since it had it’s own menu already. I hope they move it to the import dialog in a future release. I’ve just been copying / pasting the tempo data from the source project into the tempo track of the new one but it’s good to know where the tempo import / export is.

Thanks, man. Appreciate the help.

I think it is an ODD oversight as well

It happens.