import key command xml file is greyed out

When I try importing a saved preset /key command xml file it is greyed out.
in get info about the file, I have made sure that user permissions are read and write for admin, guest and everyone.
It is not very clear in the cubase manual, but I’m assuming that the little folder icon in:

File/Key commands is what they mean by the import button (see image)?
cubase key command import.png
And if so why is there an option also to “Create a folder” in the import file selector?
Create a folder to do what? Makes no sense at all!

I’m sure that it must be the correct button as the file selector window does say “import Key Commands” in the top bar.

So why is the file i want to import greyed out? It was created in Cubase 5, but surely it should still work in 6.5?
Any work arounds or help would be much appreciated.
I cant believe that after all these years, Steinberg can’t make such an obvious thing as importing all preferences from a previous version, totally straight forward.

For anyone reading this that has any influence with cubase dev, It should work like this:

Previous cubase version (eg. cubase 5): File/Export all preferences/location path (can be anywhere)

Updated version (eg. cubase 6): File/Import Preferences File/From location path (can be anywhere)

Put the XML in the correct folder and it will show as a preset.