Import Legacy MIDI remote to Cubase 12?

I have a MIDI “Generic Remote” in Cubase 11 that I spent a lot of time building. It assigns NRPN messages from the Lemur app to custom Logical Editor and Project Logical Editor scripts. This is missing in Cubase 12, and I’m not able to import it. I exported it to an XML file in C11 but C12 does not read it.

Is there a way to import this to Cubase 12? Or do I need to rebuild it from scratch in C12? It’s a lot of work, my text editor opens the XML as 640 lines.

I had the same happen where a Generic Remote didn’t transfer over. I created a new Generic Remote using Add Device and then imported the C11 XML into that. That worked fine here. Don’t forget to also Export this Generic Remote so Cubase will retain it between sessions.

Thanks, that worked.

But that screen also says it will be discontinued. Steinberg, please make a “Legacy Generic Remote” in the new MIDI Remote screen?

I expect that will take quite awhile since this is the initial announcement. Also it should always keep working in Cubase12 and below. It’s only in some future version it will go away.