Import M4a, AAC files, etc. VERY much needed!

Sorry. I have no need for this and don’t want to pay the certainly exorbitant price Apple would extract for it.

+1. I see m4a’s on an increasingly frequent basis.

+1 I also see m4a files more often.

+1 Totally agreed, working between Logic and Cubase because of the M4A thing is becoming increasingly more annoying.

+1 Maybe this could be offered as a patch purchased through the Steinberg Online Store for those who want it.

The few times I needed it I have used a free “adware” software on my laptop to convert an .mp3 to an .m4a file. Yes, of course the ads suck but… whatever. I have not used it enough (yet) to want to pay for it but if Steinberg offered it for a reasonable price, then yes, I would purchase it.

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+1 and exporting in aac, ac-3 and m4a

Just curious: do M4as and AACs require the same software license royalty as MP3? I coulda sworn that while MP3’s were owned by Fraunhoefer, AACs were PD.

Although I gotta say… this is the kinda thing that should be in Wavelab and not so much Cubase (WL is still not great at various common imp/exports). And then Cubase users should be able to get a WL-Lite for like $39.95.

I’ve always wanted WL to be -integrated- into Cubase. Let WL do what it does (file manipulation) and keep Cubase to its core mission.


Hey guys, it’s just: we work with Cubasis on Ipad when on tour. Then just export some audio and send it directly to the studio where we work with the bigger brother Cubase Pro 8.5. However, we have - for each file(!) - to open the FREE audio software AUDACITY which is capable of converting the m4a to a WAV-file or whatever. This is really annoying. How come, that an open source tool can do the job, but the so called “pro” software can’t? :ugeek:

I also encounter this problem more often the last couple of years. More and more people record little ideas on their iphone memo recorder which does the job perfectly, but to import that into Cubase is a drag. Dear people at Steinberg, is it really that hard to find a way to include the conversion of m4a files ? This has been adressed quite often now and it’s sad that there is no official response yet.

I have discovered that m4a files can be opened by using the import audio from video file. There’s no need to convert anymore.

dhyowi, you made my day!!! Thank u! It’s working!

other DAW’s can already do this

Please the ability to import m4a files etc…

Other DAW’s can already do this.

As someone said in the other thread, Cubase already can.
Use file/import/audio from video file…


This is a very nice tip! It’s also the most well hidden function available, or not available I should say, in Cubase. Note, you also have to set the file extension filter in the open file dialog to “Any Type”

It does work though.

There is also a utility called dBpoweramp in it’s freeware version it will convert m4a, aac etc.,. It will convert multiple files in one go too.

+1 for including these Apple file formats in the regular import audio function. (But there might be a licensing or other issue that prevents it)

Please Please Please let Cubase be able to import M4a by dragging like WAV, I feel stupid every time converting M4A files toWAV.

Agreed. Working with voice memos are so common these days for demoing. The extra step of converting m4a to wav is a workflow killer.

Doesn’t work for me. m4a’s don’t show up as video files. If I choose “Any File Type”, then the m4a’s appear, and I can select them, but nothing happens when I do, in Import Options dialog, no error msg, the the selection box just disappears.