Import M4a?

I can’t import m4a files in a project. Can Cubase do it?

Not that I know of. I import them into Logic, then export them as a .wav or something Cubase can appreciate. I believe you can also do it with Audacity, which is free.

I used iTunes the other day, and I converted to MP3 because it was only a reference track then imported. I did a search on how to do it because there’s a few button clicks to get it to convert.

I tried Audacity, but it didn’t recognise the file. Perhaps there’s a plugin I haven’t got??


Free M4A to MP3 convertor …

If are to use the files in a project, do not convert them to mp3! It’s a destructive format (as is m4a). Use WAV or AIFF. iTunes can do this with ease.

Open the m4a files in iTunes (drag & drop).
Open Preferences and select “Import Settings…”, at the bottom of the dialog.
Select “AIFF Encoder” or “WAV Encoder” in the “Import Using” drop menu.
Close the dialogs
Right-click on the imported m4a files and select Create “your selected fileformat” Version (Create AIFF Version).

You can now import the converted files in Cubase.

Hi All

I used a thing called Switch sound converter, seemed to do the job OK, then import into Cubase

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