Import markers from text file?

Is this possible somehow? I couldn’t find it. It would be a useful option to have available in a few different situations.

WaveLab saves markers in a text file, for audio files. If you create a text file that follows the same format, you can associate markers to a file. This is not exactly what you ask for, and this requires some formatting work on your side. But this would be a solution, if this is important for you.

Another solution is to create a WaveLab script, because you have the option to add markers.

Interesting, thanks. Maybe something to consider, since WL already has other powerful features for importing names & generating markers. It allows easy entry of markers from notes on paper.

In your case, where the file that contains marker info, come from?

For this particular situation, just typing by hand from live concert programs logs. Less mousing & dialog boxes in the interface. I haven’t explored all the places it might be useful, or scripting.

Interesting user case. I take note.