Import MIDI, drag 'n' drop and project save


I have found that dropping a MIDI file into cubase directly, as opposed to dropping it into an open project produces somewhat different results as follows:

  • MIDI is placed at the supposed location where it was dropped, that is treated like audio or is right at the beginning of the timeline (where I’d expect it should always be)

  • Subsequent saving of a new project file appends file type .mid in the case of dragging into an empty project

My question is why should there be any difference?

I’ve learned how to use the export dialog and it’s really helpful for making stems or stereo mixes (besides cubase wanting to save the project again for no good reason post export) but after you drag a midi file into a new project and go to save it as a cpr file, it makes it like the following:


Would anyone be able to comment, as I’d like this issue to be addressed please, since it’s a relative time waster when you are doing file after file and sometimes want to work from a template, and at other times a fresh project.