Import midi drum track from cubase to dorico


I am arranging by sketching up with cubase 10 elements, and would like to make readable sheets thanks to Dorico 3 elements.
When importing midi file with drumset track in Cubase (channel 10) into Dorico, I see real value of note (c1, …) but not the drumset note marking (with cross as headnote for example).
However, dorico playback sounds well.

When I just change the staff clef from treble to drum, the notes don’t change at all.

Is there a way to convert drum midi track to drum staff readable by musician ? or unfortunetaly, we need to write by hand all the staff ?

Thank you

Welcome to the forum, NerveMusique. When you import your MIDI file from Cubase, make sure you have the option to interpret notes on channel 10 as General MIDI percussion in Dorico’s MIDI import dialog.

Looks like I am also running into the drum import problem. Trying to export drum track from Cubase 11 into Dorico 3.5. Drum track was created by Groove Agent. When importing I have the options selected as you mentioned. In the new Flow in Dorico I get actual notes. When I try to copy-paste into my score I get… something weird. Multiple crossed note heads desperately clinging to one stem.

Make sure that the track is also on channel 10 in the MIDI file before you export it from Cubase, @mrgullible. And welcome to the forum!

Thanks. Channel 10 did the trick nicely!