Import midi file bug

The following applies to instument midi files as well as drum midi files. I got the impression from the forum that this bug had been squashed in an earlier update ( I have only recently bought C3 ) but presumably it hasn’t. I know there is a work around for this but it really shouldn’t be necessary.

  1. Summary/Title

Drum midi file inserted into a track changes the track’s assigned AUv3.

  1. Description

  2. Insert a drum AUv3 into a midi track - I have tried Digistix and EG Pulse.

  3. Double click or drag a Factory or User drum midi file from the Media bay into the selected track.

  4. Expected Results
    The drum midi file is inserted without changing the assigned AUv3.


  5. Actual Results
    The assigned AUv3 is replaced by a Factory drum instrument.

  6. Environment

Cubasis v.2.3.2
IOS 13.6.1
Ipad Pro (10.5") 2017

…and it changes the file name of the inserted clip to the name of the factory instrument :cry:

Ho Dobid,

Thanks for your message and report, added to our bugbase.

Best wishes,

Thank you