Import midi file: cannot assign/edit instrument

Using Cubase Pro 12. Importing simple single-instrument midi files with the Midi File destination set to Instrument Tracks. The import creates a track with notes but the track’s Edit Instrument control is greyed out. Right-clicking on the imported midi track offers zero options for adding/defining an instrument…


Cubase is using HLAion Sonic SE in this case. Do you have this instrument installed, please? Do you have the latest update installed, please?

Yes it’s installed. What next? FYI I have spent >2 hours looking at YT videos and the Cubase online “manual” but cannot find a simple step-by-step on how to import a simple midi file and associate it with an instrument library of my choosing. Thanks in advance if you can provide that.

Add a new midi file track, and then import midi file,this will automatically assign all midi file tracks to the GM sounds in Halion Sonic SE.
If the midi file imports as one one midi file track you can then select the midi file track and then select Dissolve Part from MIDi Drop down menu,this will split the imported midi file into separate midi tracks.

import a simple midi file cubase pro 12

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