Import midi file

How can import midi file in the project? I tried ti click on import but Notting happen…whats wrong thanks

Hi rockmataz,
Are you using Cubasis 3 on iPad ? If you are, open your Files app (your Midi File should be stored there), now open Cubasis and have a empty midi track ready, slide the bottom of Cubasis up until you see your recently used apps, hold your finger on the Files app and drag it up to the right, search for your midi track and just drag it over to the empty midi track.
You could also just select the midi track in the Files app, tap select and share it with Cubasis, it can then be found in Media/MIDI/My Midi Files, then just drag it on to the empty midi track

Ok thanks I solved copying the files direct in my midi folders ,I’m using a Lenovo M10 android and so far so good.

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