Import MIDI files as separate tracks


I’m probably not the first to ask, but the most important feature that I miss now in VST Live is the ability to import Type 1 MIDI files as separate tracks. Also, it would be nice to have a way to explode a single track to individual tracks, by MIDI channel.

As an option, Type 0 Midifiles could even be imported as multiple tracks, by channel.

Hopefully, I’m a Cubase user and I tried the Export/Import option, but is VST Live only for us?

Thanks for listening :slight_smile:

Hi @Jihem,
your requests are on our list. But …

… I don’t understand it. Sorry, What do you mean?


I meant that VST Live should be easy to use for musicians that work with another DAW. Their only way to import songs is Midifiles, but having all the tracks imported on one lane is a no-go! I guess you didn’t create this program solely for the Cubase community…

By the way, what is the oldest version of Cubase compatible with the import-export module? Does it work with Cubase Elements and Cubase AI?

… ah, now I understand you. Sure, VL should easy to use and should be useable by everyone. Your wishes are understandable, of course, and we will implement them as soon as possible.

The VST Live IO Component works for Cubase Pro, Elements, AI and LE.