Import MIDI Files

I can import MIDI files and see all instruments but if I play them I dont hear anything. When I play the same MIDI file with MIDI Eddie I hear it. I checked the “Geräte Manager” and it seems coorect.

If you import a midi file into LE/AI4 (or 5) they will appear as Midi tracks.

What you need to do is set up VST Instrument tracks, assign the output of the Instrument tracks to a VST Instrument (eg Halion) then drag the midi events on to the Instrument tracks.


You can set the behaviour of midi import in the “preferences” in cubase.

There is also one more issue to take care of
Midi type 1
Midi type 0

Also you can choose, if you like to have all intruments on one track (not really recommended) or on separate tracks,

I often use it for changing the “original” used instrument. Mostly the drums are only GM drums.

But take care, if you transfer afterwards the midi-file into a keyboard, to play it “live”. Some keyboards, like YAMAHA PSR-keyboards are just able to apply the GM instruments and add or need some control-datas ahead of the real midi-notes. Sometimes a little rework is needed.


thank you all! I found the problem comes when I use another MIDI Software before which uses naturally the same ASIO driver with the same USB-AudioInterface (TASCAM 800 in my case). I have to restart Windows (XP), then it works.
Kind regards Pinot

Hi Alstudios,
which drums can you recommend for a better drum sound?
Kid regards Pinot


I have installed some “vst workstations” in my Cubase AI5, like yellowtools independence free or Kontakt 4 or sampletank 2 and use this instruments, also drumsets, instead of the GM-sounds generated by the PC-soundcard.

BTW: all mentioned vst workstations are free to download :sunglasses: