Import midi from Superior Drummer 3 via Logic X

Has anyone had any success importing SD3 midi into Dorico 4?

Snare and kick sync up fine, but the hi-hat is way above where it should be - it plays bongos.

Sorry if this is a silly request, new to Dorico - bought for this feature. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I am actually working on several percussion maps for SD3. I have already successfully built up Core, Roots Brushes and Field of Rock Percussion is about to be finished. There’s a bug that makes the VST engine quit when I close the document or try to quit, Paul and John are working on this. When everything is clean, I will post all this work. What I can say is that importing a groove from SD3 works fine with those tools, which makes creating a great drum track a breeze!


Mark, I really appreciate you doing this, and would love to try these maps when they’re available! :relaxed: :+1:


Thanks, Marc. Appreciated!