Import midi in key of song

Is it possible to correct import a midi file into Dorico in the right key? If played chords in Aflat (major) in Studio One 3. When I import the midi file the notes are enharmonicly changed. A flat is G sharp etc.

Try adding the key signature in Studio One before you export the MIDI file.

Ok Studio One can’t, has only G sharp etc. Export to Presonus Notion works (display A flat) and then export as Music XML to Dorico.
There is no possibility to ‘tranpose’ the throught the transpose function or other trick?

Yes, you should be able to add a G# major key signature in Dorico, then select all and use the Write > Transpose dialog to transpose up by a diminished second to go from G# major to Ab major.

All other sequencers (Cubase, Logic Pro X, Reason) can’t set a difference between G sharp and A flat. I will try this sollution.