Import MIDI (rather than opening in a new project)

I can’t figure out how to add a MIDI file to an existing project, whether in a new flow or an existing one. I can open a MIDI file, which automatically creates an entirely new project, but without the macOS “File” menu, I don’t see how I can import to an existing one using an iPad. Any tips?

On Dorico for iPad, I’m afraid you can’t import MIDI into the current project as a new flow.

Certainly not ideal, but, you could:

  1. Save your current project as a MIDI file.
  2. Open GarageBand and add your 2 MIDI files (current project and the one you want to import).
  3. Export the GB “song” to MIDI.

Repeat the process above, only this time:
2. Merge the 2 MIDI tracks in GB into a single track by dragging and dropping one track to the end of the other.

NOTE: You’ll need to have your song length set to Automatic, rather than a fixed number of bars (called measures in GB).
Not ideal, but adding ornaments, dynamics, etc., again in Dorico might be quicker than adding the notes you’re trying to merge?

That’s what I would try, to at least see if it’s worth it or not.
You never know when using GarageBand as an intermediary might just save the day.