Import MIDI Tracks into An Existing Template

Simply put, I want to use my Spitfire Discover Template with MIDI tracks. It seems I have to import the file and then choose the appropriate instrument in a separately added VST instance. Basically I want to to have the tracks loaded with the template so I don’t have to manually load each instance of the Spitfire VST.

You shouldn’t have to do that, if you load the Playback Template or if the Playback Template is the default - AND the staves that result from the MIDI import have names that match those in the PT or that the PT recognizes. The problem might be the names you get from the MIDI? If they aren’t, assuming that you want to rename them standardly anyway…

Thank you. Is there a method to change, remove or match the midi file. The midi file has multiple tracks so I’m assuming it’s not the filename.



I don’t know how you created the MIDI file, so I can’t answer how the instrument names can be manipulated before you import them, but you can rename the staves in Dorico after the import… I think Dorico should then go, "Oh, you have a Violin I and Violin II? I’ve got VST’s for that in the Playback Template, so let me automatically load them.

I think - I’m not 100% when Dorico checks for matching stave names. I know that if you add a new stave in Dorico that you didn’t have before, like say Tuba that the Template will automatically load the VST when you do that.

In fairness, what I usually do is import the MIDI into a scratch project and then cut and paste into the real project from there. Mostly because I’m hardly ever importing MIDI for a whole song and I’ve got other parts.


Hmmm… So you load two instances od Dorico and you copy from one to another?

I just now stripped out all instrument metadata from the midi file in question, including versions with and without the track and instrument names. So I’ll try that first chance I get!

Thank you Gregory.

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