Import Midi with grace notes?

I’m importing midi from a DAW. I haven’t found documentation on how Dorico is determining what a grace note is. I’d like to prepare the midi in the DAW for Dorico to convert certain notes to grace notes. Is there any information on what the calculation is? Velocity range? Note length?

A note that would otherwise be notated as a 16th note (semiquaver) or shorter at the prevailing tempo is considered as a candidate to possibly be imported as a grace note, and Dorico also considers the difference in pitch between the preceding note and the following note; notes closer than an octave are candidates, otherwise note. And it also considers the context of the surrounding notes: if the other notes in the vicinity are all similarly short, that makes it less likely that any given one of those notes should be considered a grace note.

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This is so helpful! Thank you so much!