Import midi

I have a midi file which has stopped producing sound, so I have gone file > export > midi file. I have a template file which has all my instruments set up in it, and I would like to import the midi into that file. With that file open, File > import > midi file causes a dialog box saying “do you want to create a new project?” when I click no, no midi comes into the project. So the import has not gone ahead. if I click yes, it puts the midi into a blank file with none of my instruments set up.

Can anyone help me get the midi to be imported into the file I want? midi import is very common so i would expect people are wanting to import midi into different files, which are already in use, all the time.


It sounds like something specific to the MIDI file itself. You will probably have to provide more information about it or post a link to it for anyone to provide any helpful advice.
But I am curious what happens when you import to a new project. Is all the MIDI there? Multiple tracks, correct instruments, etc.?

The midi file will be importet to a new midi track at the very bottom.