Import Midifiles to Halion sonic but NOT SE?

In Cubase 10.5 there is the Midifile-Import-option
„HALion Sonic SE multi-timbral” Destination

So every Miditrack has its own SE-Instrument - sounds good, but:

In Halion Sonic I have plenty of more sounds,
so I have to copy every track to a new instrument to use my non SE Sounds.
This is a lot of work.
I would need following option:

„HALion Sonic multi-timbral” without “SE” Destination
or any idea to save the precious time…
Thanks for Your ideas in advance

Hi and welcome,

Only HALion Sonic SE can be chosen here. There are no other Instruments (neither Steinberg nor 3rd part) available.

This feature request appears here on the forum already many times… Time to time.