Import multiple MIDI files into one project


I am currently using the 2.10 version of Music Studio on an iPhone to edit MIDI files produced by the music OCR app PlayScore.
Playscore is able to scan and convert one page of a score, so that I end up with one MIDI file per page.

I would very much like to be able to merge those MIDI files into one Music Studio project, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to do this.
I was somewhat excited when I read that the 2.10 version introduced “selecting multiple files” from the iCloud Files app, but that just makes the files available as separate entries in the Projects window, so that doesn’t help.

The only other thing that looked like it might offer a way out - an “append” button - is available only on the iPad version (which I can’t use).

Is there maybe a workaround that I have missed so far?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Luthien,

Thanks for your message.

While the iPhone version did not include the append button, due to restricted screen size there is a capable workaround:

  • Open the MIDI file
  • Switch to the bar editor
  • Select all bars of all tracks
  • Perform a long tap to copy them
  • Open the target project song, where you want to paste the copied files into
  • Go to the bar editor, paste the clipboard content

Follow the Music Studio documentation link below, to learn more how to use copy and paste:

Music Studio Support

Long press does not elicit any pop up. Nada.

It only works for MIDI tracks. Here’s a video that demonstrates copy & paste: