Import Multiple MIDI Files

As a Cubase user, I need the ability to import multiple midi files (including their tempo and marker information) into a single project file. The use case is that I do mix prep for a mix engineer and he mixes multiple songs in a single session. When I receive files for prep, they include audio files AND a midi file for each song containing tempo and marker information. Being able to import a midi file in its entirety where my locator is would be a huge improvement to workflow.

Thank you for creating the best DAW out there!

You’re gonna love it even more now. Make sure your MIDI import options are set up as in the pic:

Cannot import multiple MIDI files into a cubase 10 project - selecting File>Import>Midi File can only select one midi file at a time. I need to open several hundred as a kind of library so I can select the ones I want.

Thanks for the tip but I still can only import one file at a time. I can see all the files are dragged into Cubase 11 but then there is only one midi file shown in a new track. Can you confirm you can do this in Cubase pro 11?