Import multitrack wav parts splitted by Mackie dl32R


My mackie dl32r creates live recordings in to 2 Gb multitrack wav files. So if you record say 30 minutes you have like 3 multitrack wav files which together are the recording of 30 minutes.
This means I have to import and glue the 3 files. Is there an easy way, for glueing these 3 multitrack wave files into 1 project having all tracks split up?

As far as I get now, is to import 3 files, having 3 times 32 tracks and than glue them together to a 1 time 32 track recording.

Any tips?

Thanks in advance.

Is this somehow not working for you, or are you trying to simplify this task, or…?

If it is the later you might look at using Edit>Group on all 32 Audio Events from each recording, This will let you move all of the 32 Audio Events in a recording as a single Group. So instead of needing to align each of the 3 sections Track by Track you can do all 32 at once.

Thanks Raino, you are right. I am trying to find still an easier way to do it. Shifting with the 32 tracks works, but it takes a lot of effort.