Import MusicXML into Intrument Tracks instead of MIDI Tracks

Hi. I have a score in Sibelius 2021.12 that I want to transfer to Cubase 10.5. I can either use MIDI or MusicXML.

When I import MIDI, Instrument Tracks are created as per the setting Preferences > MIDI > MIDI File > Import Options > Destination = Instruments Track.
When I import MusicXML, MIDI Tracks are created.

Is there a setting anywhere to cause a MusicXML import to create Instrument Tracks instead of MIDI Tracks? I can’t find one.

One reason for not wanting to use a MIDI import is that the score has pauses in it, and this results in Cubase creating longer bars with an incorrect time signature. [For example, pause a crotchet in a 4/4 bar, and I end up with a 5/4 bar]

I can see various ways to work around this, but would really like to simply import and create Instrument Tracks.

Thanks in advance.


Hi and welcome to the forum,

I’m sorry, there is not. But you can import MusicXML to MIDI Tracks and route the MIDI Tracks to an instrument at once.

I’m wondering about this one. How could this happen?

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