Import Nuendo project into Cubase Artist 7.5

I’ve read that there is no possibility to import Nundo project into Cubase Artist 7.5.
I’ve to rework some projects made by Nuendo (I guess ver.4) and I own Cubase Artist 7.5 : any work-around?


Obviously you could:
-Download and install the Cubase full version Trial
-Upgrade to Cubase full version
-Find someone with Cubase full version who opens and saves the files as cpr…

Well… using Trial is better than nothing… thanks for the idea!
But I hope Steinberg will release some tools for project conversion: why not?

why not?

Because it’s one less reason for you to upgrade.

If there still are some Nuendo only options used in the project, you could download the Nuendo trial and use that:

There is one vast difference between the Cubase and Nuendo trials. While the Cubase trial-license is based on a calender month, the Nuendo trial-license is based in working hours. 400 of them to be exact. So, if you use it sparingly and work quickly, it could last you quite some time.

This idea is so far better than the previous: Nuendo has a very useful Trial method!!

Ok, thanks so much for your support: i’ll do so!!

Yes; I was overwhelmed by Steiny’s generosity. :slight_smile:


I don’t know about Artist version but the full version of Cubase 7.5 open any Nuendo project.

You don’t even need to do any special import or use any OMF-file.
Just copy the complete Nuendo project map to your harddrive and open the project in Cubase as you would if it were a normal Cubase project. Then you can continue to work and then re-save it as a Cubase 7.5 project-file instead.

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No, buy the full version instead with all the included features. Artist version is just a taste of Cubase, a cheap demo version without any time limit. Use you upgrade option from Artist version. :wink:

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Investigate the following, it’s what you need! Don’t know the cost.

These look very interesting! Why is the Windoze version so much more expensive than that for the Mac (rhetorical question)?

Unless I didn’t read everything, it seems like it’s time for an update, though; they mentioned ProTools seven, and ProTools FIVE?!

Buy the real Cubase version from Steinberg instead of try solve something that’s ain’t broken.

That SSL stuff don’t work but feel free to waste your money.

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Yup seems indeed outdated :frowning:

The concept is an interesting one. Has it worked for anyone here in the “good old days”?