Import Options for Input/Output Channels does not work?

under importing tracks from other projects:
i have as source tracks the Input/Output Channels folder listed.
when i choose to import to either New TRacks or (existing?) Input/Output Channels NOTHING HAPPENS? (well, i get another empty folder…)
i would expect either new Input/Output Channels to be created or the existing ones to be replaced with the settings from the source project.
any help on how this is supposed to work. the manual does not explain.


What kind of settings of the Input/Output Channels exactly do you mean? If you are using some plug-ins, Channel Strip, etc., settings, this should be handled.

as there is a lack of manual specification for the Input/Output folder i expect from importing that folder the same as from the other tracks:
choosing to bring the settings in from another project the channels brought in should be the Input channels and the output channels of that project including the insert chain setting. what happens instead is that if i choose as destination New Folder i get an empty folder
if i choose as a destination any other folder that shows as an option available, it “deletes” the existing folder and again gives me an empty folder in its place.
input channels or output channels are not imported.
essentially it does nothing. so why is that function or option there in the first place?
It would be interesting if you get different results.


OK, got it. I can confirm it.

I had a closer look on it. Actually the bug is, the Input/Output channels are not implemented. But these channels are also not visible in the Import Options dialog. You can see just to folder, but not the channels itself. So you can import the folder (same as you can import Instrument Track folder, Groups Folder, and other “system” folders, same as you can import other “user” folder).

The behaviour of the Input/Output Channels folder is actually very same, as if you have an empty folder in the project. It’s just there. And if you move any track to this folder in the source project, you cans the track and handle it the very same way as other tracks in other folders.

So as I said, the bug (against the expectation) is, Input and Output Channels are not implemented.

thanks for the clarification martin.