Import or set default master page


Is possibile import a master Page from another dorico’s project?
Or Is possibile modify a master page and set it how default master page for future project?

Because in every new project I must modify the master P
page for full score and parts, and it’s very waste of time.

Thank you very much!

It’s not yet possible, sorry. You need to save your project and use it for all new projects at the moment.

To elaborate on Dan’s response, in other programs you will be familiar with the idea of importing house styles or libraries into your project (and this will become possible in future versions of Dorico, too), but for the time being in Dorico you do it the other way around: do File > Save As to save the project that contains your wanted master pages under another name, then delete all the players and flows from it, then either write your music directly into this new file, or if it already exists in another project, do File > Import > Flows to import those flows into the project, where they will then assume your existing master pages.

Ok, thank you very much!!!