Import PDF store as MIDI

Can I Import PDF, edit the file in Dorico and save as PDFand MIDI?
I believe this isn’t possible,
Will this be a future feature?

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You can’t import PDFs into Dorico, no, but you can turn PDFs into MusicXML files elsewhere, import the MusicXML files into Dorico, edit in Dorico, then export to PDF and/or MIDI. For a (very) recent discussion on music scanning apps (to scan both printed music and PDFs), see: Any Dorico user experience with ScanScore - Dorico - Steinberg Forums

Yep I know,
But I’m interested in the import function, MuseScore never let me down for doing the editing.
If Dorico had the import function I installed the demo version and learn how to do my editing in Dorico,
And if it worked i could spend my money on Dorico instate of PhotoScore

If you want PDF to Music software, go and buy PDF to Music software. Dorico is not PDF to Music software.

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Ok, I’ll stay with MuseScore

Perhaps a developer can answer if PDF is a future feature

We are interested in more directly supporting optical music recognition in future, but it’s not something you should expect in the near future. I think the most cost-effective way to perform OMR these days is using the PlayScore Pro app for iOS and Android, which can export MusicXML that can be imported into Dorico and other scoring software.

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It may be cheap, but worth pointing out that you need a subscription to export XML. I’d be interested, if this app is significantly better than most OMR apps, which tend to produce spiky dogs.

I’d be interested to read experiences from users as to how good PlayScore Pro’s XML files are and how well they import into Dorico. I couldn’t find any information on the PlayScore website about how much the subscriptions actually cost.

what subscriptions? I purchased the app (for android) and all the export/save functionality is available as is.

Subscriptions - Without a subscription you can

• Play and interact with any PlayScore playable Score, listen to your part on its own
• Play pages of music in 1 or 2 staves per system from a photo
• Create and share single page playable documents

PlayScore 2 Productivity subscription

• Create and play multi-staff, multi-page scores captured with the camera or imported as images
• Export your documents for anyone to play and interact with using our free player
• Interact with scores, cater for transposing instruments, export MIDI files

PlayScore 2 Professional subscription

Create Playable Score documents from PDF scores that anyone can play (using the free player)
Export any score as MIDI and MusicXML containing full notation

In-App Purchases
PlayScore 2 Productivity $3.99
PlayScore 2 Productivity $9.99
PlayScore 2 Professional $5.99
PlayScore 2 Professional $22.99

The two prices would seem to be monthly and annually, so while about £20 /€20 per year is not much, it’s still a regular cost. I might try out the basic version.

ok that’s just for iOS- for android, the app is either lite (1-2 staves) or pro (full features), one purchase, no subscription scheme. But it seems to lack the looping and comping features of the top iOS version.

Just a quick clarification from us at PlayScore. The iOS app PlayScore 2 is a new app with greatly enhanced features and accuracy, and direct PDF import. Until we have an Android version iOS is the front runner. There is also a Mac version coming.

PlayScore here again - with PlayScore we recommend people use MusicXML rather than MIDI for import into Dorico. MusicXML contains the whole notation and layout, not just the notes.

I have to say it: Thats the rudest reply I have ever read on Steinberg’s forum.

I thought my previous reply had been pretty clear (not to mention helpful), but message #3 (the second message from the OP) made it seem to me as though I hadn’t got the point across. In message #4 I was aiming to get the point across, without anything extraneous.

I’m sorry you see that as rude.

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I’m with Leo (I admit I often agree with him): there is nothing rude in simply expressing facts.

This use of language is rude in English. There is nothing factual about this reply, he just told someone “go get something else if you dont like it” This can drive away a potential customer at the very best.

Nothing further to add, feel free to team up and defend the indefensible, its common in our community to take a note and make a symphony.

I will leave this here for you to play with: Watch your English when you type. Especially here in an otherwise very respectful platform.

“Dorico is not PDF to Music software” was factual four years ago, when I posted it, and is factual now.

In the great majority of my 13k+ posts on this forum I have aimed to be helpful. When the question is “can this program do x? If it can’t I’ll go and use y”, what do you suggest is more helpful than “go and use y”? If “giving links to discussions on programs that can do x”, note that I had already done that.

It’s all very well talking about pushing away customers, but in this case it’s like asking about Google Translate on the Duolingo forums. Dorico isn’t the right program for this particular customer’s job.