Import Score Notation file?

Does anyone know if there is a way to convert old Score files (DOS-application!) into XML-format and to import them into Dorico?

There might be some python library that can convert things, but your best bet is just scanning PDFs or images of printed pages.

Which scanning software do you think of? (MacOS)

lim, to process a .pdf generated from Score:
try PlayScore 2 for iOS or iPadOS - if you can access one of those “gadgets”.
On Mac PDF2Music does a good job, and there is also PhotoScore.
Still my first choice would be the first suggestion.

Yes. There’s a utility available to do exactly this called SipScore2XML, and is written/sold by Jan de Kloe.

I don’t have that one, though I do have the utility that works in reverse to convert Music XML to Score. It works great.

Finale had a SCORE converter plug-in in the early 2000s. Among other issues, it didn’t correctly detect accidentals through the bar. In SCORE if you have 2 consecutive C#s, you’d input C# and C as you didn’t need the next # to show. (If I’m remembering this correctly). Finale’s plug-in would literally read that syntax to convert to a C# and C natural. I don’t recall exactly when Finale killed off that plug-in, but maybe someone has an older version of FInale lying around that could at least try it for you.

Yes, I had tried this and I have old versions of Finale, but the result is not satisfactory, at least with the current Finale-version.
I tried to find the SipScore2XML program, but it seems no longer available (?). Good to learn though that your plugIn works .

“Still my first choice would be the first suggestion.” … Do you mean “some python library”? What does that mean? I have no idea what a python library is :man_shrugging:t2:

A library , e.g. something that provides a set of utilities, for the python programming language.

For instance, there is music21, which among other things can convert between various music file formats (but seemingly not SCORE).

Python is a common language for this kind of work; but it was a guess. I’m guessing if web searches don’t turn up anything suitable (though you might have trouble filtering out references to “scores”, as opposed to “SCORE”.

thank you for clarifying!

I meant: try PlayScore 2 for iOS or iPadOS - you would need an iPhone or iPad to run that app. The (.xml) results are quite stunning.

Sibelius 3? had an importer for Score files too. Unfortunately they removed that features in the later versions. I remember that the import results depended very much on the quality of the Score files.
I think that I have that old version still running on my old machine. What kind of files/project do have to convert?

Thank you for your reply. My project is an orchestra piece: 100 pages for big orchestra in single files.
After 25 years of Finale I switched to Dorico 3 years ago and would like to import it there.
I am afraid this project is too extensive…
If you like I could mail you 1 page just for testing.

If it is a single page per file and there is always just a single staff per page then this could work. I can have a look into it next week (I am traveling during the weekend.) Send it to felix at petriconi dot net.

I remember from my time then that I sometimes even had to split a single page over two files. It was fun at that time. I once met Leland Smith, the author of the program, and he was working on a Windows version. But it never flow really as far as I recall.
But I immediately when to Sibelius 1.0 when it was released for Windows.

For the record: I just found that here is an open source project that it capable of reading old Score files and saving them as MusicXML.
The project is not maintained for some time, but one can still build it on Linux or in Windows WSL. I have not tried it extensively so far.

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Thank you very much, I will investigate it!