Import Song and align to project tempo

Hey guys

Is it possible to import a mix of a song that’s not played to a click, and automatically time stretch the audio to fit a steady tempo in the project?

I’m currently working on some backtrack versioners for a client, and he needs to have the production of a live-recording “done again”, but only has the stereo-mix of what was done, and it wasn’t played to a click.

I thought I could tempo detect the drum track, drop all the drags in a folder and turn on group edit, use the sample editor to detect the hit points and create warp markers, then turn off the tempo track(or delete the info in it) and voila, but I’m missing something.

Please Help! :slight_smile:


After importing the audio file to the project, enable the Musical Mode for the Audio Event.

My understanding of Musical Mode is, that in order for it to work, you must specify the original tempo of the file in question, and these files don’t have one tempo throughout.
The tempo varies as the song goes by, but there is a click track that follows perfectly, which I can analyse using Beat Detection.

But how do I then tell Cubase to warp the other tracks according to the click tracks Warp Markers to follow a single tempo given to the project?


Once you enable the Musical Mode, Cubase makes the analysis of the file and then stretch the audio to matches it to the project’s tempo.