Import .srt files for ADR session

I’ve got a series of .srt files and wonder if there’s a way to import them into the ADR tool. I’ve tried to convert them to .csv but timecodes are translated as milliseconds… Does anybody have a solution to this?

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If you’re on Windows, you can grab a copy of Subtitle Edit and there’s a CSV export template specifically for Nuendo. You can load in your .srt, do a Save As and at the bottom of the save window select “Csv Nuendo” as the type. I just tried (loaded up a csv from Subtitle Edit) and it seems to have worked just fine. NOTE: You’ll want to go into SE’s Options > Settings and on the General tab set the “Default frame rate” to the framerate your project/video BEFORE opening the SRT file, as they do not contain framerate information and SE will do the conversion from ms to frames using the default rate as a reference.)

OK, so I was a little bored and I made this simple web-based converter.

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Hi ManChicken

that’s simply great!!! Since I’m not on Windows I tried various steps like doing the frame conversion in Excel and then bring it all back to txt a.s.o… But your web-based converter is absolutely wonderful!

Thank you so much for this - will you keep it up and/or are you thinking of making an app out of it? I think there might be a couple of customers :wink:


Thank you :slight_smile:

Glad it’s useful. I will leave it there indefinitely!

:slight_smile: THANK YOU!

Thanks also for useful tool!