Import to Cubase Artist 6.5 doesn´t work

I tried to import my cubasis project to cubase Artist 6.5 (Windows 7, 32 bit).
After choosing the .cbp file and answer the create new project question with yes or no,
an error message appears:

“Cannot read cubasis project file. Reason: unknown format.”

Does anybody have an idea about this?

Thank you.

Same Here…I get the exact same error message.
Please help

Hello guys,

We will investigate the problem!

Hello guys,

Could you please send us the projects to look for the problem cause?

Hi Carlos,
I’ve just bought Cubase Elements 7 and experiencing same issue and very dissapointed about that because I need desktop Cubase version just for working on projects that I started in iOS with Cubasis.
Do you still need the project file or it is known issue and you know how to resolve it? BTW, where to send it? some email or support tickets form?


yes, we still need your project files. We tested it in-house and could not reproduce the issues. Just send it to me as an attachment of a PM (if it is small). If it is bigger you can also use wetransfer.

Thank you for your help and kind regards,


we were able to reproduce the bug. It will be fixed in the update of the importer that will be released after Cubasis 1.5.

For now I can only suggest a workaround, which is to ensure that no audio track has Audiobus as the input. Please let me know if the workaround does not solve your issues.

Kind regards,

I will wait until the problem with the importer has been fixed. For me,to not use AUDIOBUS is not a good workaround.

You can use Audiobus, just change the input on your audiotracks from audiobus to MonoInput before exporting the project.

Now that is a workaround that actually WORKS for me!

(We all know the sounds in CUBASIS need an much needed Overhaul!)
AUDIOBUS fills the void and gives you access to all of the unlimited sounds that are floating outside the limited world of the CUBASIS in house stock sounds.

Hey guys,

that simple trick works for my projekt too,
so i was finally able to import it. :slight_smile:
Thanks for you prompt answer !!

Best regards