Import Tracks from Project does not import Expressions Maps if the tracks are inside a folder

I created a small template for Iconica, added the different families into folders (Brass, Strings, …), added expression maps to the individual instruments, etc…

When importing the tracks on a different project, all the Expression Maps say “No Map”

If the tracks are not inside a folder, the Expression Maps are imported properly.

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Sounds super annoying…

Wonder if this is a ‘bug’ or if they’ll look at it as a ‘Feature Request’ (i.e. currently working as designed).? Either way, sounds like one of those ‘low-hanging-fruit’ easy wins to correct - and increase workflow massively.

Are any Xmaps used, stored/saved with the project (in the project folder level), or are they pulled from a generic (system wide) location.? Maybe the current ‘Import Tracks from projects’ mechanism only looks in the associated project folder for any data needed.?

Curious/thinking aloud…

same problem here.