Import tracks from project not working properly

Hi guys,
I’m having problems with Cubase 12 & import tracks from project.

Firstly, can I not just import data from a project’s tracks onto the tracks in my open project without erasing all the data already there? I don’t want track versions, I just want the data to be added to an existing track. For instance, I’m importing several audio files onto the same audio track from other projects & I just want them all to be on THAT track, so I can see them linearly.

Secondly, even though I’m choosing to import to cursor position, the files are NOT importing to the cursor position, they are just being put wherever Cubase decides to put them! And deleting all existing data on that track.

The reason I need this is because I’m using Cubase as a live performance tool (yes, I’ve already bought VST Live, but it’s missing too much on the DMX editor to be able to use it yet) & I’m importing backing tracks, automation data for a light show (Enttec’s DMXIS) & automation data for VST FX. I don’t want previous data to be erased, I need all data to be kept intact when new tracks are imported.

Can you help please?

Roo McKeller

Hi Andy,
I tried what you are trying to accomplish and indeed importing tracks from project overwrites existing data for me too. I have no use for it but wanted to try it to see if I could help. What you are trying appears to be impossible. You would have to import the tracks seperately and move the content afterwards to the desired track. Maybe others can help… :slight_smile:

To be honest, it’s just the automation I need to import. I can import the audio files manually. The problem is, it’s still overwriting the existing data AND not importing the new data to the cursor position. It’s just placing it randomly anywhere in the project. Definitely a bug. The workaround for me is to open each song‘s project, copy the automation & then go to the show project & paste the automation. An absolute headache, but until they add the line tool to VST Live’s DMX editor (why it’s not been added yet baffles me!!!) so I can program fades, that’s all I can do.


Just tried this myself and had the same result. Existing track data is removed.