Import Tracks From Project - please let us import tempo track

Here’s the deal: When you import tracks from a session, data on the tracks is often essentially useless because it just gets superimposed on the tempo track that’s in the destination project.

Technically tempo tracks are tracks too. Can we import the tempo track along with the track data so it’s actually usable?

I understand there is a separate “Import Tempo Track” menu function, but it won’t import tempo tracks directly from Cubase project files (confusing). You have to first Export Tempo Track from the source project before it can be imported. Which is a total time waster when you’re dealing with lots of projects.

I mean, when you import a MIDI file, it brings in track data and tempo data at the locator position. I would hope/expect Import Tracks From Project to work the same way. It would certainly make it infinitely more useful.

Please, Steiny! :mrgreen:

(and while we’re at it, there’s numerous other related feature requests I’d love, like Shift+selecting series of tracks in the Import Tracks window. Having to individually tick/untick series of tracks is insanely tedious! And the list goes on…)

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Less work than exporting and importing would be copy and paste of the tempo track, which is a little more work than a direct import, but not all that much work.


Importing older Cubase projects into my current template at the moment, using ‘Import Tracks From Project’.

Being able to import the project’s tempo track in one go would be much more convenient!

It is beyond me that you have that fancy import dialogue but tempo is not part of that window.