Import Tracks from Project without deleting track data in destination Project

I have a concert recording project that will eventually be syncd to video. I’ve copied individual songs into separate projects. I’ve edited in the individual projects. Now I want to import those project files into the original concert project. I matched up the track names in the dialogue. I use absolute time destination. The project imports perfectly–except that. in the process, all the track data from all the other songs gets erased.

Is there a method to import project tracks into the proper place in the timeline without effecting the track data located elsewhere on the timeline?


How exactly did you import the files, please?

Thanks for the prompt reply.

  1. My active project was the destination project.
  2. I selected import files from project.
  3. I selected source project.
  4. In the dialogue, I selected absolute time stamp.
    I select all the tracks. I included marker, automation, all the stuff.
    I selected the destination track for each track. I did this manually, pressing each one. But 95% were obvious choices, like Kick to Kick. 5% were like “keys overdub” to Keys.
    So there were no New Tracks selected in the destination.
  5. I pressed the process/import/go button and watched as the source files were imported. They imported perfectly.
  6. My initial expectation was that these imported tracks would PASTE their files into my destination project, leaving the rest of the destination track data alone. (Sticking one song back into a sequence of songs). But the other song data was gone. It maybe that my import replaced the tracks entirely, rather than pasting data in the target location.

Maybe I need to select New Track for all the destination tracks?


This is how it is working, as specified. But you can find the previously recorded events in the Track Version 1.

If you want to keep the previously recorded Audio Events, yes, select the New Track as destination.

Thanks again, Martin. I’ll experiment some more.

I think Import Tracks from Project is a powerful feature. I see it as a way to import several projects into a new and improved template.