Import Tracks from Project without deleting track when matching

I would like to know if there is any plan from Steinberg to update this feature @Martin.Jirsak ?
I appreciate the invaluable feature of being able to import and match tracks from another project in Cubase. It’s a powerful tool that significantly aids in project collaboration and workflow efficiency. However, there is an issue I’d like to address regarding this functionality.

While importing and matching tracks, the current behavior of Cubase is to delete all other tracks already present in the project. In my view, this somewhat defeats the purpose of this feature.

Let me illustrate this with a practical scenario. When working on film scores using templates, which may include a substantial number of deactivated tracks (in my case, over 1500), the problem becomes apparent. If I import a colleague’s track and match it, everything works seamlessly, as it should. However, this process wipes out all my other 1500+ tracks, rendering the feature counterproductive. In such a case, it might as well be easier to simply open my colleague’s session from scratch.

I hope my point is clear. Is there any possibility of introducing an additional checkbox in the import and match tracks feature? This checkbox would give us the option not to erase existing tracks when matching imported tracks. This way, users can retain the structure of their projects and add the imported tracks seamlessly.



I’m sorry, I’m not allowed to talk about the plans. Thank you for understanding.

@Martin.Jirsak sure, i understand. But could this at least be proposed as a suggestion to the development team ?