Import video: format not accepted

I am trying to import a video in Dorico 3.5. I have tried mp4, mov, avi and mpg, Dorico did not accept any of the formats (“Videoformat nicht unterstützt.”)
Any suggestions?

Did Dorico give you an error message or just not show the video?
At one point my video panel had somehow moved off the screen, so I could not see the video even though it did actually open.

Check the advice in this knowledge base article concerning supported codecs (just as important as the container format):

Thanks. I tried this (screenshot) but it does not work. (Format not supported)
I am trying to import an audio track in video format to listen to it along with the score. What am I doing wrong?

I’m not sure: could you send me the video file via e.g. Send it to d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de, and I’ll take a look.

Yes, right away

It looks as if this video file might use a sub-format of H.264 that our video engine can’t handle. I will ask my colleagues in the video engine team if they’re able to provide any insight.

Update: I have used a different converter and managed to import both a MOV and a MP4 version (using H264). But the sound does not play, neither does it show in the mixer. I did not change the samplerate which is on 44.1, bitrate is 194k.

Update 2: the conversion was AAC in both cases, and I tried the same with samplerate 48k (which seems to be the project default) but to no avail.

I did get some initial feedback from my colleagues in the video team, who pointed out that your video file doesn’t actually have a video stream in it: there’s an audio stream, but no video stream.

Yes thats true. What I wanted is to have an audio track go along with my written music so I tried to import a video that contanis nothing but an audio stream. Is that not possible? How else would I do it?

As I mentioned in the last 2 responses, I managed to import it now, I can see the video wndow which is black, as it should be, but I dont hear sound.

If you want to do this, I suggest you at least create some kind of simple video stream; the video engine expects a video stream.

If you’re now seeing the video but not getting any audio, try renaming the video file and re-attaching it.